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Saturday, 30 March 2019

7 Reasons Why you should consider having a John of God Crystal Light Bed Healing Session

Crystal Light Healing is very powerful.  Crystals vibrate a powerful healing freaquency and the light frequency magnify the healing power even more.  Color therapy is known for re-programming our DNA along with vibrational sounds healing.
Light being are able to work with you and on you through the Crystal Light Frequency to clear your aura and any blockages.  At any given healing session, it is in accordance with how much the client is willing to work on.

What to expect from you healing session:CLARITY ~  Time and time again, clients have reported how much clearer they are after a healing session.  All the fog and uncertainty has lifted and they know exactly what they need to do.
PEACE ~  Peace of mind brings you aligment with source energy.  You become at ease with your life.  Clients are always saying they feel so peaceful.
CALM ~  One of the first things clients say they feel so calm and relaxed.  Stress and tension has melted away.
ENLIGHTENED ~ The burdensome feelings can often leave you feeling overwhelmed.  Expect to feel enlightened as many clients are reporting.
PHYSICAL HEALING ~  Clients have reported eyesight healing,  melanoma healing, and physical energy increase.
CONNECT WITH GUIDES/PASSED OVER LOVED ONES ~  Clients have connected with their deceased loved ones and spirit guides from the other dimensions. 
HEALING MESSAGES ~  Messages are given to you from the angelic realm for your healing.

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Monday, 6 August 2018

Have you ever seen an Angel   

Last summer, I was sitting all alone in our family room.  It was very quiet and no one was around.  I happen to look up at the patio door and saw in a quick flash appeared to be silver angel wings.  It disappeared in an instant.  But I was help in a trance state for a moment.  I felt I was in the presence of  Archangel Michael.  I contemplated whether I was just imagining things.  I didn’t tell anyone and had forgotten about the whole experience until just recently.  The conversation came up in a healing class and as I listened to our mentor talked about her experience, I was transported back to that time and realized that indeed I was being held in moment of oneness where nothing else existed but the experience.  What a huge blessing. Never discount your experiences of seeing or feeling angels around you. 

  I often see guardian angels in the form of an orb floating like bubbles that I captured on video,  but just about two weeks ago, I was able to see it in plain sight.  I quickly try to scramble for my camera, but I wasn’t able to capture this beautiful energy.  Sometimes I can see the orb against the wall that sometimes stay around for a bit so I can capture a photo.   I often feel angels around me with gentle tingling sensations especially during Healing Sessions.  When doing spiritual readings, I can feel them present as a heat radiates out from my back and face.  I can feel the change in energy and I love it.

I would love to hear your angel experience.   

Friday, 20 April 2018

Two years ago, I returned from my trip to John God with a new found sense of self.  Initially, I went there with the idea that all will be blissful.  I was in for a surprise.  It was evident while there, I was releasing a lot of  “what was no longer serving me”.  Old wounds and memories came up to be processed and released.  Old experiences were presented to me once again and I believed I handled it amazingly.  Only, I didn’t
quite catch on to it instantly.  I was wondering why this was happening.  The little I knew then was that I was being forced to revisit these trying times/life lessons and let it go gracefully into the light. This was happening because I was ready for it.  One particular day while questioning why all this was happening, I opened a book to read trying to pass time.  The message that was revealed to me was this was a purification process.  As in to experience all things and then be ok with it as part of our journey here on earth.  I cried at such revelation.  It answered my question and put my mind at ease, but yet I did not like all the uncomfortable feelings that went along with it.  Releasing is not easy, but essential for healing.  The key is to know why these old feelings and experiences resurface time and time again.  Here’s what I did.

1.     Acknowledge the feeling or experience that has left me with uncomfortable feelings.  I call it psychic scar.  Can’t see it, but I feel it.  Yes it was a difficult time.  Why did it have to happen?  To learn.  Yes, my soul wanted to learn and grow.

2.     Ask a higher power, god, angels, ascended masters to help me to heal me from it. 
I started looking at it from compassionate eyes.  It’s not easy, but practice helps.  When you genuinely want to heal from past hurts and unpleasant life lessons, it will happen.  I forgave myself for what I did or didn’t do.  I saw myself with a lot of flaws often forgetting my gifts.  If Iknew better then, I would have done better.

3.     Allowed the healing to take place.  I did not resist.  I spent a lot of time in quiet contemplation and gained insights why things played out the way it did.  How else are we to learn something unless we live it.  Accept all that is as a highly evolved being.  It was all tests to strengthen my spiritual growth.

Many amazing experiences happened to me.  My first healing session, I entered into trance as soon as I closed my eyes.  I was in awe.  I have witnessed my mother in trance state and we used to shake her to come out of it.   Now that I think about it, that was rude interruption.  Being in trance, I had crystal clear visions of people.  Some was past life family.  One particular vision was of a woman who was going to assist me along my life path as a mentor.  I believe I’ve crossed path with that woman with the purple scarf just recently. 
Often during morning sessions at Dom Inacio Casa, I felt strong tingling sensations on the back of my head which continued for months after.  I knew what it was.  My spirit guides and helpers were working on me.  I always acknowledge them by saying thanks.  I actually enjoyed the daily meditation service which lasts approximately 3.5 hours per session twice a day.  Usually, I have discomfort sitting for more than an hour.  But for some reason, I was able to sit in meditation for 3.5-4 hours.  The energy is spectacular at John of God.  It will shift your life for whatever purpose you are there for.  The first thing is to always release.  That leads the way for the new beautiful energy coming in.
 Once I returned home, I felt like I was re-integrating into society.  No kidding.  I needed to sleep a lot.  I didn’t go anywhere for almost a week.  There was stillness within me.  I knew the energy was still working in me.  I gather the strength to not return to my job.  Although it has served me well for two decades, I needed to breakaway.   The feeling was fleeting.  Next, I proceeded to take care of all things that was weighing me down.  I completed income taxes that was backed up for years on top of ten additional ones for the current year.  Then I proceeded to handle all account balances that was hanging over my shoulder.  It was liberating.  Keep in mind, I had no income.  But I was guided to a source.  I felt light.

As I continued on my spiritual path, I was becoming more sensitive to chemicals, large crowds, loud noises, unhealthy foods including alcohol etc.  The more I detoxed, another calling presented itself to me.  To detox from meat.  The guidance was

strong.  It was shown to me approximately six times in the form of a blog, a conversation, a post, a tv show, a book and recipes.  I listened to this guidance and asked for the transition to be easily and effortlessly.  Within a few weeks, I was able to detox from meat.  I feel different and more connected spiritually.
Further guidance came as I enrolled in a Sign Language course and most recently became a Reiki Practitioner.  I feel that I have arrived at the end of the nine year cycle (2007-2016) with grace.  As today is a new moon, I welcome new opportunities to be of service.  I’m in the process of setting up my Reiki Practice.
I had no idea my journey to John of God would lead me here, but I was willing to do the work.  Many blessings to you all.
 Please feel free to follow my blog and share it.  I trust that it will reach all those it’s meant to reach.  You can also connect with me at:
You are a child of god.  I am a child of god.  While here on earth, we chose to learn lessons to help us grow and evolve.   Along the way of learning our chosen life lessons, we may have experienced lower vibrational energies including pain and hurt.  Our soft and gentle hearts needs healing.  Our minds needs healing. This is where Reiki comes in.  We are clearing, healing and resetting our soul to shine brighter because we want to be our best.   

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Healing Modality.   It’s meaning and it roots stem from Japan’s Makao Usui who was gifted with this healing power.  He then decide to pass it on through a system of understanding and initiation of attunement.  Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy.  It is healing energy from divine source.
How is it done?

Attuned healers work form of place of “surrendering to divine will” They are able to treat client by placing their hands on or over them and transferring this Universal Life Fore energy.  It flows through the healer onto the clients while being channeled.   Clients often lay on a massage table and are lead into a relaxed meditative state before the energy starts to channel.  Clients are doing work also by simply allowing heavy weights to be lifted off their shoulders and letting the light in.

What can Reiki assist with?

Reiki helps to balance the mind/body/spirit in conjunction.   Our physical body discomforts can sometimes be linked to any unbalanced mind/spirit connection.  Therefore Reiki can be beneficial to:
 v Feeling peace/contentment
v Feeling Self Love
v Releasing Anxiety/Anger
v Releasing Excessive Worries
v Releasing Stress
v Releasing Feelings of lack
v Ability to feel Grounded
v Releasing Feeling lonely/isolated
v Assisting with releasing traumatic life events
v Releasing feelings of losing control
v Releasing un-forgiveness

After your Reiki session(s), you will experience a sense of well-being and a stronger connection to your true self.  That pure love that exists within you. 

The world will seem brighter since you’ve  allowed the healing to take place.

How I came to be a Reiki Practitioner?

My spiritual journey took me to John of God Spiritual Mission in Brazil.  There, I was given the gift to work on myself in order to be of higher service.  I then asked to be part to that healing mission.  I knew I was called to do this work.  After doing more work, I was fully prepared to answer the call.   I am grateful and blessed to be doing this work.   Check our my blog:  My Trip to John of God (Pilgrimmage 2016, Brazil)

With Love & Light,
 Spiritual Networking

Friday, 9 March 2018

My Spiritual Awakening

I’ve learned through my own intuition, that highly spiritual evolved individuals often choose more challenging paths in each lifetime.  To learn, grow and to help.  As I’ve observed several family members in my family, I know that they are highly evolve souls.  They’ve have all
encountered challenging life lessons here on earth.  It’s incomprehensible that other souls are not as pure as they are.  It’s hard for the mind to understand how there can be so many lost souls.  They’ve lost their path here on earth.  Back to my family, I see how it has effected them profoundly, where “mental illness”  has stepped in because what they have experience in this life is beyond comprehension.  Against all odds, they still remain pure souls who would not intentionally hurt another.  I too fit into this category. 

Before coming back to earth, I must’ve of signed up for some pretty intense stuff for myself growth and learning.   Of course, I didn’t want it to be boring.  As the carpet rolled out, some things were a little unbearable. In 2009, after a major car accident,  I took my doctor’s advice started the “Cymbalta” treatment.  I was fine physically.  Cymbalta is a very strong drug.  It did help me in some ways.  See, us highly spiritual individuals are not in alignment with drugs, but rather with natural non-invasive treatment.  We just know it doesn’t belong in our bodies.  The soul screams as a rejection to any drugs.

My spiritual awakening journey started one summery Sunday afternoon in 2014.  I was in a parking lot.  I had just finished some minor grocery shopping.  Before driving off, I sat in my van with the window open.   A man came up to my window from nowhere.  He started telling me some really profound stuff about myself.  Then he asked if he can come in a sit in my van and talk to me.  Most people would call the cops.  But I felt no harm and as I looked around the parking lot, there were two police cars nearby.  Convenient, isn’t it.  I knew it was confirmation that all was safe.  The man was a Pundit, so very connected to our divine upline.  He did a reading for me and asked for a small donation.   It was everything I need to hear to keep me searching for more spiritual truths. 

Mr. Pundit (Hindu Priest) did some additional energy clearing for me.  I carried too much that I just needed to let go and release.  We empaths absorb too much from others.  After the energy clearing, I felt more aligned.  He also advise me to continue to feed for blessings.  I never told him that I did work with the homeless.  I knew that this man was sent to me by my spiritual helpers through god.  Then, after that vast amounts of knowledge were made available to me through books and social media.  The more I explore my spirituality, the more connected I became to my true self and my true calling.

December 24, 2014
Christmas Eve, I proceeded to check out my bank account online and it was $444.44.  I just could not ignore it.  I knew it was a message to me, on this specific day.  It was loud and clear.  During the Christmas season, our spirituality is heightened I’ve seen 555 and so on, but never really thought much about it.  I started asking the question on social media about what does 444.44 means.  Couple replies about it being angel numbers and it’s connected to the heart chakra.  Sounds good.  Then pages with posts started appearing in my newsfeed about angel numbers.  I thought wow, answers are being provided.  Yes, my angels wanted me to know that they are with me and I should pay attention to what they had just communicated to me when I see these numbers.  Now, I see 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 9:11, 11:11, 12:12, 1:222 and 10:00 frequently.  I feel so surround with angel guidance.  I ask for their continued love and support.  With my humanity theme, tests will still be coming in to help me master this theme.  Prior to coming to earth, I also chose a Loner Theme.  It allows me to work successfully individually.

I know that I am here to help humanity.  Feeding the homeless was always close to my heart.  I am blessed to work with seniors where I can put my empathic, compassionate ability at work.   But, there is more. I feel strongly that I have to bring a message to the world.  I feel that I am to be a healer. I hear the calling loud and clear.   As I am working on my life path which will soon be a reality, I know it, I feel it.   The urgency is beckoning.  Procrastination is stepping in.  Fear of the boom!
So, as of July 2015.  I can tell you that being deeply connect to our divine mother and father god.  I have invited the power of the white light in to my heart, mind, body and soul.  FACT: I was empowered to wean off “Cymbalta” treatment.   I returned to myself.  Thanks to being spiritually awakened.  I am blessed.

November 2015
This month was of major changes.  I went through a difficult month prior as my husband tells me that I am not able to help me financially.  The way he said it was heartbreaking and forced me to manifest a job that I asked for.  I was released from the job after a month.  I wasn’t hurt or sad, instead I felt relieved.  What my heart really desire is to be of higher service.  As I’m still hurting from his words, I started praying really hard asking god to use be to be of higher service.  My spirit helpers showed me a video from Gabrielle Bernstein talking about a healer in Brazil name John of God.

John of God
I was so intrigue that I kept searching for more information on John of God and his Spiritual Center.  I found enough information to inform me that there are organized tours and it’s one of the best spiritual healing centers in the world.  I knew intuitively that I will be there.  I just didn’t see it being within the next few years.  Next thing I knew,  I was seeing Brazil all over the place.  My Spirit Guides are at work.  At
the time, I couldn’t afford a trip to Brazil. I decided that I will send for a distance healing from one the tour guides.  Requirements are to send a photo and a list of my requests.  There’s a charge for this service.  On the day that my photo was taken to the Healer John of God, is the same day a lady got in touch with me and a trip was planned spontaneously.  After this two week pilgrimage, I feel in alignment with my soul purpose. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Grief ~ Passing into the light....

It’s been three weeks since the passing of my brother Charles.  I’m still reeling from a lot of heavy emotions. Finally feel like I can open myself up to the wound and share this.  For two weeks, I couldn’t breathe.  Barely ate. So many questions, so many visions of what led to his ultimate demise. Many memories kept flooding.  It was like a movie playing of all the things that happened in the past.  Yes, roller coaster of emotions. 

 Our family  saw all his challenges and felt all the emotional pain and discomfort he might have experienced in his life.  We couldn't live his journey, but we were certainly along side him. 

But as spirit enlightened me, they had protect him for many of these emotional pain. They erased it from his memory to protect his soul.  So, he was not carrying it with him.  For him, most of it was like it didn’t happen and some might have been a dream for all he knows.  Every time, he experienced emotional trauma, he was protected by creator, some of his soul escaped to minimized the effect of his challenging life experiences.  But we bear witness and  felt it all.  I’m grateful to spirit for protecting him in this way.  Many times when we talked to him about what he had done and things that had happened to him, he doesn’t not know of it. 

Since I was a young child, I had known and believed that we are always surrounded by spirits.  Some of the spirits have turned away from god and are called “negative entity” They are always looking to attach themselves and influence themselves to
anyone who would listen. So when our vibrations are low and filled with negativity, those lower energy spirits will succeed with influencing one in a stronger way.  Yes, I do believe that he was influenced and did things he would not do on his own.  I know this to be true, because it is out of character for him and he is truly a pure soul lost in a harsh reality.  On the other hand, when our vibrations are high (peace, love, joy, happiness, confidence), we are easily connected to higher energies on the realm of holy spirits.  We do have to be aware of any pessimistic thoughts and clear them.  Always be in the love energies and grateful for all of life experiences as a blessing to learn and grow.
As I began asking creator for answers, they were given to me and it helped me to see how his passing was divinely orchestrated. These messages from spirit was given to me as follows. 

·        I asked spirit if he suffered in his final moments.  They instant guided me to a very detailed article that talked about drowning and explained that he would have died within a minute. 
·        Spirit also communicated to me that he was in an altered state (alcohol/drugs)  and wasn’t aware of any discomfort
·        On a soul level, he chose the day of love (Feb. 14th) to leave this earth.  His message was to remember him with love and for us to live in love.  It couldn’t be any louder
·        Feb. 14th was also the first day of Lent, he was a true Christian at heart
·        He left “Footprints in the Sand” just like Jesus did.  This gave me goose bumps.
·        He always said he had spiritual powers and he could walk on water like Jesus.  I believed he attempted to use his spiritual power to walk on water. Many told me this.
·        Just a couple days ago, my sister who is also very connected to spirit, tells me that
she talked to him.  He told her that he didn’t fall in the water or plunged in the water (lake).  He told her that he was very drunk and he laid down in the water and his life left his body.  He told her that he wanted to go home.  This just confirm all the messages that I was receiving also
·        Another message from spirit was:  that he left for us to live in peace.
·        His transition was also to enable another sister to release any unforgiveness in order for her to heal physically.
·        His transition has allowed yet another sister to find her way back to our family and be together again.

I knew this experience was going to push me out of my comfort zone and allow me to embrace deeper healing.  It will transform me to my true self, my soul self.  Being reborn sometimes comes out of difficult life experiences.  Our loved ones in spirit wants us to be happy and to move forward on our path.  They are always with us and can help us even more than when they were in a body. 
They want us to always live in LOVE and be Love. 

Sending you love  and blessings on this beautiful life journey.  If you like to talk, I am here for you.  Connect with me at